Fulano47 - 'CHANGE' [Deep & Tech House] 2011 DJ mix

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Fulano47 - 'CHANGE' [Deep & Tech House] 2011 DJ mix

Post by freima on Tue Nov 15 2011, 22:36


"Nothing is gunna change in your life unless you stand up and pick up yourself and put yourself in positions where change in favorable, not just circumstantial."

'Change' was recorded in July 2011 at Bixo Mau and represents a much needed jump in counsciousness. This mix set is named after the song with the same name by Martin Stimming, which was released this year by Diynamic Records and features the voice of the South African Lazarusman.

This session is a product of me getting back together with myself: it is sweet and dreamy, and yet simultaneously charged with powerful energy and good mood. Share it with your favorite people in the world wether it's rainning outside or the sun is shinning or none/both of the above.

Your feedback is deeply appreciated =)

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